Сибирское здоровье

How to register independently in Siberian Wellness company:

Open the company’s website, click on the «person» icon, choose Registration. Next, choose whether you want to register as a privileged customer or a business partner of the company. Customer registration is free, while registration as a business partner is paid. After that, fill in the required fields: enter your last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth, phone number, email, and city. The next step is to enter the person’s agreement number in the empty field, who introduced you to the company and its products. This person will become your personal consultant for the company’s products and business. If you do not have such a person, leave the field empty, and the company will assign you a consultant. You can choose whether to use their services or not. Next, accept the terms of the agreement and click the Register button. You will receive an electronic agreement number and a password to access your Personal Account on your phone and email. To purchase products, you need to go to the website, click on the person icon, select Login, enter the agreement number and password. Then add the products to your cart. Bonuses will be credited to you for your purchases, which you can see in your personal account and use them for your next purchase.

How to register a person on the Siberian Wellness website:

Log in to the website using your agreement number and password. Click on the person icon, select «invite new partners,» and click on the appropriate referral link (customer or business partner). The link will be copied to the clipboard. Forward this link to your acquaintance via messengers, email, or social networks. Your acquaintance opens the link and is directed to the company’s website on the registration page, where your agreement number will already be indicated in the «Your consultant» field. They fill in the remaining empty fields and click the Register button. This way, they become a privileged customer or a partner registered in your structure.

How to register a person through the Buy Siberian application:

You need to install the Buy Siberian application on your phone. Log in using your agreement number and password. From the team list, select «Invite friends.» A list of messengers, social networks, and Skype will appear. Choose the one where your acquaintance is registered and send them a message. They will receive your referral link and register under you by clicking on it.


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