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Производство: Сибирское здоровье (Siberian Wellness)
Вес, объём: 90 (g,ml)


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Lymphosan – Cardio Balance was developed with a focus on cardiovascular health. As epidemiological studies show, dietary fiber may play an important role in the prevention of atherosclerosis by lowering LDL cholesterol and improving blood lipid profiles. It’s especially true for isolated viscous fibers such as pectin, psyllium and guar gum, all of which are among the active ingredients of Lymphosan – Cardio Balance. Additionally Siberian Hawthorn and Green Tea flavonoids are also very famous for their heart-protecting properties.

Recommended use: put one (1) teaspoon into a cup (8fl.oz) of warm water, mix thoroughly into gellike mixture, and then drink all at once. Take once or twice a day.

3.18 oz./ 90 g.

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