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Производство: Сибирское здоровье (Siberian Wellness)
Количество: 30 (pc,cap)


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Nowadays the most well-researched and effective phytoestrogen is genistein. Chronolong is a product containing 100% genistein that provides its effectiveness. The second most important component of the Chronolong formula is the highly enriched extract of soy bean sprouts, that contains several dozen other natural phytoestrogens, adding to and reinforcing the effect of genistein.

The other biologically active ingredients of Chronolong are no less important. Vitamin D promotes normal calcium metabolism in the blood and supports normal bone function. Folacin promotes homocysteine during menopause. Vitamin C supports collagen production for the normal functions of the skin, bones, cartilage, and also helps to protect cells from oxidative stress.

Glucosamine sulphate, soy bean extract, L-ascorbic acid, genisteine. Folic acid, cholecalciferol

Glucosaminsulfat, isoflavonreicher Sojabohnenextrakt, L-Ascorbinsäure, Genistein aus Soja, Gelatine, Folsäure, Cholecalciferol, Feutschhaltemittel Glycerin.

Pro Tagesverzehrsmenge (1 Kapsel):
Vitamin C - 40 mg
Vitamin D3 -5 μg
Folsäure - 500 μg
Glucosaminsulfat - 400 mg
Isoflavone (ber. als Genistein) - 60 mg

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