Terms and Conditions for Rank 5 Consultants
- In order to get your first bonus, the total Organization Volume (OV) from the
date of sign-up must be total 5000 points, the month of registration included. In
addition, your OV in the next-to-last month must be at least 1500 points, and in
the last month — 2500 points.
- If one of your Consultants also fulfills the requirements of this Program together
with you, in order for you to get personal bonus, you have to meet the abovementioned
conditions with the OV of this Consultant’s group being deducted from
your OV.
- The bonuses are awarded at the International Business Sessions.
Terms and Conditions for Senior Consultants and Higher
- The required deadlines include two months needed to confirm the Rank. For
instance, the Premier Consultant`s Rank must be achieved in the 5th month at the
latest, and maintained in the 6th and 7th months.
- To qualify for the Rank of Senior Consultant, Premier Consultant and
Professional you must have total monthly OV (including your Personal Volume)
in amount of at least 5000, 10000 and 20000 points respectively. The Total
Volume of your Business excluding the strongest group within it has to be not less
than 2000, 4000 and 8000 points for the Ranks of Senior Consultant, Premier
Consultant and Professional respectively. Refer to the Compensation Plan
brochure for the exact Leader’s and National Leader’s Rank requirements.
- In order to receive the bonus a Consultant has to confirm the achieved Rank
every month prior to the Event where the bonus will be awarded. Such Events are:
the Business Success Convention, the Business Congress and the International
Business Sessions.
- Monetary bonuses do not get added together. A bigger bonus overrides a smaller
- If you consecutively reach the Ranks of Rank 5 Consultant, then Senior
Consultant, then Premier Consultant and Professional, you get a company designer
product bag for having qualified as a Rank 5 Consultant, and $500 for having
qualified as a Senior Consultant, another $500 for having qualified as a Premier
Consultant ($1000 in total), plus $1000 for having qualified as a Professional
($2000 altogether). Thus, IN TOTAL you get $2000 and a promotional product set
in an exclusive company designer bag worth $200.
- To have a photo published in the Company’s Annual Success Book and get
Recognition at the Company`s main annual Event, you need to remain qualified at
the current Rank for the remaining months prior to the Business Success
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